Tell PED: Stop Plans to Implement a New Version of VAM in September!

UPDATED: August 2016 – In case you missed it – and as was revealed in court proceedings --  Secretary Skandera and Governor Martinez are planning to “change” the current evaluation system (currently under a court’s injunction) in order to implement the "new" evaluation model in August as our schools start a new year.

These superficial changes to the current system will keep VAM as a major part of the evaluation process – even as courts in other states like New York are ruling against VAM as a valid method of educator evaluations.

THOUSANDS of signatures collected! Take ACTION! Sign TODAY!

SIGN TODAY and let the PED know we will never settle for VAM in educator evaluations!

Four Pillars - Creating a World-Class Education System for New Mexico

AFT New Mexico Four Pillars:

Creating a World-Class Education System for New Mexico

A world-class education system stands on four pillars:

•   Educator professionalism and respect, 

•   Students as individuals, 

•   The right to succeed, and 

•   Sufficient funding

Michigan Legislature lashes out at Detroit schools

The Michigan House of Representatives, ignoring fierce opposition from the Democratic minority, passed a dead-of-night financial aid package for Detroit Public Schools that had been twisted into a partisan screed against Detroit teachers and school employees.

How the teacher shortage could turn into a crisis

In her latest column appearing in the New York Times, AFT President Randi Weingarten writes about the looming teacher shortage our public schools face and how we can address the challenge before it turns into a crisis.

Momentum builds for graduate workers' unions

As it gathers momentum, the movement to organize graduate assistants could well overturn old policies barring private college and university graduate workers from unionizing, and pave the way for guaranteed workers' rights in the future.