2015 Annual Day of Action

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AFT President Randi Weingarten visits New Mexico!
AFT President, Representative Stapleton and ATF President in House Education Committee.
Lunch at the rail yards!
Music at the rail yards!
Attorney General Hector Balderas. #Solidarity
Executive Director Connie Derr of AFSCME 18. #Solidarity
Members and staff of AFT New Mexico.
Carrying the NEA New Mexico banner.
NEA New Mexico President Betty Patterson!
AFT New Mexico President Stephanie Ly!
From the rail yards to the round house we march!
United Voices for Our Students!
Who's schools?! - Our schools!!
More interviews!
How does this formula help teachers improve?
How does this formula help teachers improve??
How does this formula help teachers improve???
Representative Gallegos and Senator Soules. #Solidarity
How? - Representative McCamley. #Solidarity
Senator Howie Morales. #Solidarity
Representative McCamley. #Solidarity
Representative Garcia Richard. #Solidarity
Filming the commercial against "Right-to-Work"
AEAA members with Representatives Trujillo and Maez. #Solidarity
AFT New Mexico members!
Big rigs at the round house.
Labor in force!
We march TOGETHER!
AFT New Mexico members from Belen in the house!
Interviews after "Right-to-Work" was defeated in SPAC!