HB 2 and HB 67 to House Floor

HB 67 (Representative Stewart), the bill that increases the base pay for the 3-Tiered System to $40,000, $50,000, and $60,000 over the next five years, just passed through the House Appropriations and Finance Committee – UNANIMOUSLY!

The reason this passed unanimously: lawmakers are listening to educators!

HB 2 and HB 67 head to the floor tomorrow!

Take action! Contact your State Representative and tell them “Pass HB67 and HB2 with no amendments!"

Legislative Update 1/23/2014 - HB 67 Moves Forward

Today HB 67 was ruled germane which means it will move forward for consideration in the House. HB 67 raises the minimum salary levels in the three-tier licensure system by $10,000 in each tier by 2018. The last time there was a raise to the three-tier salary levels was in 2007. 

Hundreds Pack the Roundhouse on MLK Day in Support of Public Education

On January 20, 2014, hundreds of education advocates filled the Roundhouse in support of a collective vision for education reform. AFT President Stephanie Ly, Santa Fe Mayor David Coss, Las Cruces student Jacqueline Parr Sanchez, and parent and community activist Raquel Roybal introduced the group's efforts to reach out to educators, parents, students and communities around the state to develop a statewide vision for education.