Legislative Update 1/23/2014 - HB 67 Moves Forward

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Today HB 67 was ruled germane which means it will move forward for consideration in the House. HB 67 raises the minimum salary levels in the three-tier licensure system by $10,000 in each tier by 2018. The last time there was a raise to the three-tier salary levels was in 2007. 

On Saturday, Jan. 25, and Monday, Jan. 27, the House Education Committee will hear HB 3 which contains salary increases for all public school employees. On Wednesday, Jan. 29 at 1:30, the Senate Finance Committee will hear higher education budget proposals related to higher education instruction.

Tell your legislators that you support fair pay for all educational employees:

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And, remember to save the date for February 15, 2014, when we will march and rally together to reclaim the promise and take back our public schools. Yes I'll be there!