MCFUSE Resolution to Protect Our Students, Our Educators, Our Schools, and Our Communities

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Resolution to Protect Our Students, Our Educators, Our Schools, and Our Communities

By signing this resolution, we, the undersigned, are committed to the importance in Public Education, our Students, our Educators, our Schools, and our Communities.

Whereas, the Alliance to Reclaim our Schools (AROS) is a national movement focused on reclaiming the promise of Public Education as our nation’s gateway to democracy and economic justice; and,

Whereas, AROS represents over 100 community and labor organizations including the American Federation of Teachers, Annenberg Institute for School Reform, Center for Popular Democracy, Gamaliel Network, Journey for Justice Alliance, League of United Latin American Citizens, National Education Association, National Opportunity to Learn Campaign, and the Service Employees International Union; and,

Whereas, our schools and campuses are safe places to teach and learn for all students and “provide admission and equal educational opportunities to all students that meet enrollment requirements, regardless of their immigration status or national origin”; and,

Whereas, Public Education and unions across the nation are under unprecedented attack including here in New Mexico and in the United States; and,

Whereas, the focus of the AROS actions on January 19th is to:

·       Support Public Education and call on the Senate to reject Betsy DeVos as U.S. Secretary of Education, who has no experience as an educator (like the current NM Secretary of Education), has a record of working to dismantle Public Education in Michigan and across the United States, and has spent vast amounts of money to promote private schools, vouchers, and private charters.

·       Call on policymakers to invest in our Public Schools and protect Title I funds.

Therefore, be it resolved that we coordinate our actions at every site in order to participate in solidarity with our union family and community allies across the nation to everyone locally, statewide, and nationally: we will protect Public Education, Students, Educators, our Schools, and our Communities.

Therefore, be it further resolved that our local unions call upon our members and our community to become involved in the local School Board Elections and help get pro-Public Education, pro-Collective Bargaining and pro-Student candidates elected who share our commitment to protect our Students, our Schools, and our Communities.

Therefore, through actions including phone banking, one-on-one conversations at schools and in our communities, petition drive based on the above statement, and public actions on Jan 19th in support of the AROS nation-wide action increasing its visibility and to connect that support and awareness with the upcoming Board Elections for candidates who will Protect and Support Public Education and our Communities.




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