Hundreds Pack the Roundhouse on MLK Day in Support of Public Education

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On January 20, 2014, hundreds of education advocates filled the Roundhouse in support of a collective vision for education reform. AFT President Stephanie Ly, Santa Fe Mayor David Coss, Las Cruces student Jacqueline Parr Sanchez, and parent and community activist Raquel Roybal introduced the group's efforts to reach out to educators, parents, students and communities around the state to develop a statewide vision for education. 

AFT President Randi Weingarten also addressed the crowd reminding them of Martin Luther King, Jr. believed that educational justice was inextricably tied to economic justice and that all students should be able to reach for and embrace their dreams. She spoke out against policies that focus solely on standardized test scores and spoke in support of the vision developed by the Keep the Promsefor New Mexico's Future coalition.

That vision, developed by over 13,000 New Mexicans during a series of town halls in the fall of 2013,  will be presented as a joint memorial by NM State Senator Jacob Candelaria.

The vision includes:

  • A well-rounded, culturally-relevant and bilingual curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking and developmental skills through art, music, science, reading, math and numerous electives.
  • Healthy, motivated and inspired students receiving high-quality early education and arriving at school ready to learn and develop vital academic, social and life skill.
  • Well-paid and Highly qualified and experienced educators who develop creative lesson plans and student-centered learning opportunities.
  • A compassionate, welcoming school environment that emphasizes equity and collaboration between parents, educators and students.
  • Fully-funded, safe schools that provide community-based wraparound services, including mental health, healthcare, technology, after-school programs and necessary school resources—like libraries and supplies.
  • Supportive state and local education leaders that promote student- and educator-friendly policies that value teaching and learning before testing.
    Well-maintained, inspiring classrooms with small class sizes that encourage and foster a strong student-educator relationship. An acknowledgment of poverty as a systemic issue within our education system that compels us to work together to elevate our local communities by promoting fair employment with livable wages, increasing access to vital services, and addressing the nutritional needs of our students.

You can view the whole event here