A World-Class Education System: Beyond The Factory

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AFT New Mexico Four Pillars 

A World-Class Education System

Beyond The Factory 

We are proud to announce the publication of our bi-annual “Four Pillars” Legislative guide for the upcoming New Mexico Legislative Session!

This document (you can click here to download a PDF of the guide here) is the fourth volume AFT NM has published and is based on feedback from all of AFT NM’s constituencies in New Mexico – early education to higher education – and also incorporates national policy, a section on union rights, and potential revenue enhancements which could help advance New Mexico’s pubic education system in a positive way that serves the needs of our students, schools and communities.

Our legislative guide focuses on the needs of 21st learning and the needs of a 21st century student – we are excited to see the potential of education in our State.

Also included in this Legislative guide are many of the prescriptions offered through the bi-partisan report “No Time To Lose” presented at the 2016 National Conference of State Legislatures in Chicago. AFT played an integral role in shaping that report and we hope you will see its value.

Click here to read the 2017 AFT NM Legislative Guide!