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Share Your Story with State Lawmakers

It's time to share your story with the New Mexico lawmakers who represent you and your family.

It's very important that you tell your state senator and representative your story of how five (5) years of education cuts have affected you, your family, your school, and your students.

Please tell your story as soon as possible.

The New Mexico legislative session begins January 15 in Santa Fe. During the session, your state senator and representative will vote on investing taxpayer dollars (revenues) in public schools, colleges, universities, students, and education employees.

Follow these steps to tell your story:

  1. Download and print your Share My Story flyer by clicking on the link below.
  2. Write your responses to the questions on the flyer.
  3. Mail your original flyer with responses to your state senator and representative at their home addresses before January 15.
  4. Keep copies.

If you don't know who your state lawmakers are, or where to mail your story, then follow directions in the Identify Your State Senator and Representative article below.

Click here to download Share My Story flyer.

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