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September 19, 2016 – Secretary Hanna Skandera and the NM PED released educator evaluations for the third year in a row using standardized testing to comprise 50% of an educators score. Standardized tests are designed to measure student growth, NOT to make decisions on educator licenses or a student’s ability to graduate.

AFT NM is still fighting hard to have this dangerous evaluation system scrapped in the State of New Mexico and in December 2015 won an injunction preventing school districts from making employment decisions based on these “evaluations.”

But this is only half the battle – we must continue to oppose this system and you can help by contributing to our “Educator Defense Fund.” By donating to this fund, you are taking a stand and saying that New Mexico’s educators are more than a test score and that you believe in treating them fairly.

We are representing educators in a lawsuit which seeks to hold PED to standards of evaluation based on math and reliable statistical models.  What you saw yesterday is not based upon any reliable statistical model.

THOUSANDS of signatures collected! Take ACTION! Sign TODAY!

SIGN TODAY and let the PED know we will never settle for VAM in educator evaluations!


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